Silver Surfer Ceramics

.......clay pots mostly with faces

Silver Surfer Ceramics sort of eased into business over the last few years. Carl, that fellow pictured above, started making pots a few years back, 'cause his wife bought him a gift certificate for a pottery class. He liked it so much, it wasn't long before his little log cabin was full of pots. The same woman who got the ball rolling decided that Carl needed to get rid of some of them. To raise enough money along the way to support his pot habit, and to clear the table, he had to start peddling his wares. So bit by bit, after giving away a bunch of pots to friends and family (more than they probably wanted) he began selling on weekends at local art shows, scooter rallies, tractor pulls and on facebook. Orders came in from as far away as Oregon and New Mexico. It was time to get serious. So now, we've made it easy for all y'all to have a piece of wonderful Kentucky Folk Art at a price designed to help Carl and the Missus support their habit and take the occasional trip to California to see their Granddog, Atticus. We appreciate your support.

We do take our craft seriously and are proud of our products. Most of what you will find in our gallery is available. If not, something very similar can be made. We also do a lot of commissioned personalized mugs for businesses. Again, we can meet most of your clay needs so again, give us a shout.

That's Grandma and Granddog Atticus